Running a Studio, Producing Records & the Wigan Music Scene – Interview with Gareth Nuttall

Gareth is a music producer based in Wigan. He has worked with artists such as The K’s, The Lottery Winners and Frank Turner. Over a decade ago he built his recording studio, The Lounge, from scratch and has gone on to produce some of the best new music in the UK indie scene. What made … Read more

Running a Barbershop, the Hardcore Scene & Being a Biker – Interview with Ryan Battle

Ryan is a barber and owns Smoke & Mirrors, just across the Mancunian Way in the Castlefield area. He also fronts Manchester-based hardcore band, Terror Claws. I caught up with him in his barbershop, where we talked about customers opening up to their barbers, the current state of the hardcore scene and what it’s like … Read more

Skateboarding & Hardcore – Interview with Daniel Kirk

What were you hoping to find when you moved to Manchester in your early 20s, from your working class hometown of Scunthorpe? I wanted to live in a city that could accommodate me as the person that I wanted to be. Although I’m not under any illusion that my interests are particularly unique, back in … Read more